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Basic Acu Health Kit
Basic Acu Health KitBasic Acu Health KitBasic Acu Health KitBasic Acu Health KitBasic Acu Health KitBasic Acu Health Kit
Basic Acu Health Kit
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Basic Acu Health Kit

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*   Acupressure is an Ancient Science of Health & Healing. This Traditional Technique has its origins & references in our scriptures as Marma Yog , Marma Chikitsya & Nadi Shastra. 

Acu meaning Points & Pressure is about Applying Right Pressure to the Specific Energy Point in the body with the help of the Acupressure Tools. 

Key Organs are having reflex points on Hands & Feet,


Simplified Techniques of Acu Yog using Tools are aimed at Delivering Health & Healing benefits in quick time. 


*    Acu Yog practices does not have any side effects , these Exercises can be done along with any other treatment followed.  It does not interfere with any current ongoing treatment being undertaken. 


*   Acu Yog  practices can be done at any convenient time of the day. Entire Set of Practices will not take more than 15 Minutes. 


*   These are Simple & Easy Practices does not require any intensive Training or Qualification.



*   Benefits & Improvements in Health Condition can be experienced within One week / ten days of regular practice .


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